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When you’re thinking about having a tree extracted from your yard, it’s essential to think carefully about choosing the right company. Not all services are created equal, and some certainly are better than others. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide to help you make the right decision. What do we mean by ‘right’? Renton Tree Service can help you safely remove your trees.

Asking friends or family for recommendations can be an excellent place to start. If you know of a local arborist you trust to get your trees cleared out on time and perform his duties properly, ask them if they could recommend someone. Similarly, ask any people you work with whether they know anyone who works with arborists. If no one you know has heard of an arborist before, you can check our website and ask us about what we offer .

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few candidates, call Renton Tree Service to learn more about our services and reputation within the community. Find out what the going rate is for tree removal in the area, as well as what we do and how long we’ve been doing this type of work. Ask how many trees we  are removing and whether we use a cherry picker to make his way around large trees. And, of course, ask what our fee includes-do you have to pay upfront, or do you only pay after your trees are cleared away?

Renton Tree Service has several years of experience handling tree-felling jobs. We are experienced in clearing away damaged branches and thinning out weak ones. We are familiar with the various procedures that take care of different types of components and roots, including ways to separate branches when they’re grown together and take care of root systems that are already established. Don’t hesitate to ask Renton Tree Service any questions you might have regarding our experience or our qualifications.

Keeping Your Trees Healthy And Your Family Safe

You want your trees to stay healthy through a professional tree service company, so it’s also crucial to choose one that uses only fresh supplies of tree limbs and other products. Don’t let a cheap price tag fool you; good-quality tree service providers like Renton Tree Service use only the healthiest and strongest supplies on their job. We provide detailed descriptions of what’s included in the price, and we will let you know what you can expect from our crew members. For example, do they use chains, or trimmers, or knives? And how will we keep your trees healthy after the job is done?

Lastly, ask yourself what kind of problem you’re trying to solve by hiring a tree service provider. There are many kinds of issues, including hazardous trees, dead trees, pests infestation, trees that have been hit by lightning, or diseased trees. There are many free services available to help you, but how much should you pay for us? This will all depend on what you’re looking to achieve from your solution, how large your budget is, and what type of problem you’re attempting to fix. If you’ve got an idea about what needs to be done, the next step hiring Renton Tree Service that can provide that solution, which will cost the least.

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We have heard many times from residents of a community that they have an “unruly” or “unfriendly” tree, and we have wondered if it might be helpful for us to have a tree-removal company come in and take care of the problem. 

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